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Let Discount Mortgage help you say NO to unnecessary closing costs. Our loan specialists are here to help make your home purchase (or refinance) as easy as possible, with a minimum of hassle. Please call Orna at 888-360-3337 to get-up-to the minute rates for our most popular loan programs with no out-of-pocket expenses:

Home Loan
No Points, No Fees
1st Trust deed up to $417,000
New Conforming
1st Trust deed up to $625,000*
3.725% APR(1pt)
4.090% APR (1pt)
3.875% APR
4.25% APR
3.375% APR
3.50% APR
APR based on maximum loan. Minimum loan amount $250K. Loan to value ratio 80%. Rates subject to change.
Fico score>720, LTV<75%,*Loan limits vary depending on the county!

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Rates will be updated on 02/01/2012

We have other loan programs with lower rates (with points and closing costs), loans for non-owner occupied houses, apartment buildings loans, adjustable rate mortgage loans, and loans with no income verification. For complete list of mortgage rates, please visit our main web site at .

Please note that, we cover your closing cost and the closing cost is NOT rolled into your loan amount. We are your full service discount mortgage broker. We help you complete your loan application. Our loan agents can notarize all your loan papers at the comfort of your home or office.
Call 408-253-2250 to identify the exact terms of your specific loan (APR, monthly payments, income qualification, etc.). There is no application fee, pre-qualification is free, and you may start saving in your monthly payments, without a single penny out of your pocket! Why don't you call today?

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We provide you with links to the major mortgage sites. This should enable you to compare mortgage rates, and loan programs. Give us a chance to beat Ditech, Countrywide, Quicken, Washington Mutual, B of A, LendingTree, e_loan and/or other mortgage broker's rates!

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